A little T-Bone Walker for your Sunday night; I dunno if the English lyrics were translated to Japanese, then translated back, or maybe just phonetically misapprehended - either way, nothing could be more in the spirit of this site.

(Blue Fighter, Jirō Taniguchi, written by Garon Tsuchiya, c. 1982)


(Spider-Man, Ryōichi Ikegami, written with Kazumasa Hirai, c.1971)


THIS FRIDAY - Mark Englert returns to G1988 with the second installment to his Director Series. The opening reception will run 7-10 PM and he will release the first set of prints that night, as well as originals he’s created. Then for the closing, on August 30th, he all release the second set of prints. Come by and say hello to Mark on Friday at G1988 (West)!


all the oitnb doodles i did so far!

2nd set here. buy a print of all 16 here